Do not fall for the BioHeal CBD Gummies scams out there or fake reviews that claim that Dr. Oz has endorsed the product for blood pressure or vessel or vascular cleansing or cleaning with something having to do with Nature magazine. It's all a scam. A fake Fox News headline says, "Dr. Oz urges Americans to deep clean veins and ateries." It's not real. Don't trust any of this garbage. As a disclaimer, sometimes scammers and affiliate marketers use product names and company names in ways that are without permission. I am not sure what the hell is happening here with this f#@$ing garbage, but it's not great. Tap the like button down below and to the right of the like button is a "thanks" button. If you don't see the "thanks" button, tap the three dots off to the right of the like, dislike and share buttons. The "thanks" button is in there. If you are financially well off and want to show thanks to me, please feel free to tap "thanks." Thank you for watching and comment with the word "waffle" if you want me to reply with a waffle emoji.


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