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The next 26-27 and 28 of February  Bioner SEPA will be in Barcelona.

Ten years later he returns SEPA BARCELONA! On 26, 27 and February 28, 2015 will be spectacular for all that you call on the 49th Annual Meeting of SEPA admired in our city.

In 2015 work BCN SEPA VISION EQUIPMENT of clinical and professional. We want to provide more prevention, better treatments and better health to our patients. The scientific program includes all issues star as bone regeneration, periodontal and mucogingival, peri-implant esthetics and soft tissue, tooth preparations and implant abutments, corticotomies, digital dentistry, and the value of keeping teeth …

Current issues in 2015 treated by the best specialists worldwide. Scientific data know referring to developments in the prosthetic and implant aesthetics, critical evaluation of the long-term corticotomies, last regenerative materials, latest techniques in soft tissue … We want to share with you that all international and national speakers us They have confirmed. Since D. Buser, the Wilcko brothers, through Istvan Urban, T. Mankoo, M. Hürzeler, G. Rasperini …

I hope everyone, because from the Periodontics we will update in all disciplines; your current relationship with the prosthesis, implants, orthodontics … with the best speakers. The social part will not have waste, we are in the most emblematic of the modernist and world BCN places. It will be spectacular!!



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