• The external part is manufactured in PEEK to prevent distortions with the scanners.
No sharp angles nor shadow areas to ensure an error-free scanning.
• The part that connects with the implant or the abutment is manufactured with grade 5 Titanium in order to ensure a perfect adjustment and a longer shelf life.
The direct-to-implant model is available in 3 different heights for a better occlusal alignment and a perfect scanning.


Emergency profile coherent with the Top DM line of products
Gold anodized colour to improve the final aesthetics.
Facet to prevent rotational movements from the crown.
Wide shoulder to support the crown.


Manufactured with stainless steel to increase its resistance and avoid the problems associated with other metals such as aluminum

Slightly conical body to facilitate its insertion in the resin model
Equipped with a flat facet to avoid rotation movements and a screw on the lower end to fit in the model in an accurate way.