Short DM is the response to one of the biggest challenges that implantology faces today: the atrophic posterior mandible. Approaching such cases with guarantees requires a procedure that provide us with maximum security. Short DM combines an advanced design with the best Titanium grade 5 surface in the market, the BIOETCH ® surface already present in the Top DM implant. The combination of both ensures a great primary stability and a fast osseointegration.


Top DM system, developed by Bioner under the scientific direction of Dr. David Morales Schwarz, is a synthesis of the latest scientific and technical knowledge. Made of grade 5 titanium, it features the best Titanium grade 5 surface in the market -BIOETCH ®-and is characterized by its conical indexed connection, its expansive conical core, its simplified drilling procedure and its unified prosthetic connection for all implant diameters.


Universal external hexagon implant. Made of grade 4 titanium. Surface treated by acid etching.
A wide range of diameters and prosthetic solutions.


External hexagon implant specially designed for greater stability in soft bone. It shares connection with the IKELT Implant.


Internal hexagonal implant. Made of Titanium Grade 4. Surface treated by acid etching. Two different diameters, which converge into a single prosthetic platform.