The DM plus implant shares the geometric characteristics of its Top DM counterpart: expansive conical nucleus, increasing diameter from its apical zone up to its coronal zone, double pitch threat and neutral apex, with the particularity of being an extra-large implant for a traninusal placement Diameter of 4 mm. and heights between 18 mm and 25 mm.


The DM plus implant has a moderately rough surface characterized by a regular pattern of macro and micro cavities whose dimensions are optimal to favor the osteoconduction process.

This special surface pattern is obtained with the exclusive Bioetch treatment, a double acid etching procedure that, since it doesnt incorporate sandblasting, guarantees a contaminant-free surface.


It only requires three extra-long drills for its placement, which can be incorporated into the Top DM surgery tray. Due to its transinusal anchorage and its position in the mouth, the DM plus implant needs minicone abutments with wide angles, 45º and 60º.