Implant characteristics

Available in two diameters (4 mm and 5 mm) that share a single prosthetic platform, so the elements to be used in the prosthesis are the same for both models. Double-pitch thread that provides great primary stability in low-density bones.



The HIBIKELT implant has a moderately rough surface characterized by a regular pattern of macro and micro cavities whose dimensions are optimal to favor the osteoconduction process.

This special surface pattern is obtained with the exclusive Bioetch treatment, a double acid etching procedure that, since it doesnt incorporate sandblasting, guarantees a contaminant-free surface.

Surgical procedure

The BIKELT implant´s peculiar morphology requires a particular drilling system.

The surgical kit consists of a cylindrical drill common to all implant sizes and a specific drill for each one of them that replicates its geometry and guarantees a perfect fit.


All implant diameters share a single prosthetic platform, so that any prosthetic component is valid for all the implants in the range, regardless of their dimensions.

The indexed conical connection and the robustness of the implant minimize micromovements and the gap between components.