Implant characteristics

Available in two diameters that share the same prosthetic platform so any single component can be used with every implant size The neck of the implant is provided with micro threads. The implant is easily placed without an implant mount



The HIKELT implant has a moderately rough surface whose structure is optimal to facilitate the osteoconduction process.

Such surface is obtained by means of an acid etching process. This process doesn´t include sandblasting, thus eliminating the risk of surface contamination.

Surgical kit

The HIKELT implant has a light and easy-to-use surgical kit It consists only of 6 cylindrical two-diameter drills and two countersink drills that enable its placement
in any type of bone.


All implant diameters share a single prosthetic platform, so that any prosthetic component is valid for all the implants in the range, regardless of their dimensions.