TR transitional implant is a narrow diameter implant developed to support provisional fixed restorations during the osseointegration phase of definitive implants. They are generally placed at the same time as the definitive implants. They can also be used in cases of upper lateral agenesis.

There are two versions of the TR implant: a version to cement the prosthesis (TR implant itself) and another to screw it (TR-MI implant). For each of these versions there are different heights comprised between 8.5 mm. and 15mm.

They are placed non-submerged in a single-stage surgical procedure for immediate loading with cemented prostheses in the case of TR implant and with screw-retained prosthesis in the case of the TR-MI implant. The patient can function normally and at the same time have good aesthetics and phonetics with the help of good provisional restorations attached to these implants. They are removed with manual tools at the end of the provisional phase. The final implants are restored in accordance to the main treatment plan.


The TR implant has a moderately rough surface characterized by a regular pattern of macro and micro cavities whose dimensions are optimal to favor the osteoconduction process.

This special surface pattern is obtained with the exclusive Bioetch treatment, a double acid etching procedure that, since it doesnt incorporate sandblasting, guarantees a contaminant-free surface.



TR Implant Surgical Kit is extremely simple and intuitive and is equipped with all the necessary tools for the implant placement.