Profile of emergence

The prosthetic elements of HIBIKELT implant system are characterized by a common emergence profile that improves soft tissue management and enables the biological seal of the implant.

Secure lock ®

The impression copings of HIBIKELT implant system have a safety feature that prevents them from being screwed if not properly seated on the implant. Due to this feature, it is not necessary to carry out verification X-rays after the impressions are taken.

Wide variety of transepithelial connectors

Being HIBIKELT an implant designed to be placed subcrestally, it is recommended to use transpithelial abutments to optimize the implant-prosthesis interface. For this reason HIBIKELT implant system is provided with both engaging and non-engaging minicone abutments.. Straight and angled abutments of different heights.

Also, there is a reduced version for anterior sectors with little interdental space or between implants, the micromini abutment, also available in a rotating, anti-rotating and angled versions.

Digital solutions

The HIBIKELT implant has a line of accessories that allow the design of the prosthesis digitally, using the best known computer softwares in the sector. These accessories (scanbodies, Ti bases and digital analogs) are characterized by their great precision.

Single platform

Regardless of their diameter, HIBIKELT implants share the same prosthetic platform, so all the prosthetic elements in the system are suitable for any HIBIKELT implant. Simplicity in the management of abutments