Bioner’s DM microscrews soft tissue fixation elements that favor contact between the graft and the recipient tissue, improving significantly the patient´s revascularization and, therefore, the result of the treatment. Using microscrews is a simple, fast and predictable surgical technique that simplifies surgeries in comparison to suturing and avoids fiber repositioning. They are also indicated for fixing mucous membranes in areas of tension.


Bioner DM tacks can be used to hold all types of membranes in bone regeneration procedures. High impact power.

KITS of microscrews and tacks

There is a KIT of microscrews, with the option of also incorporating tacks, which contains everything necessary for its insertion:

  • Tray
  • Manual tool
  • Handpiece tool
  • 15 microscrews
  • Tool for tack placement (optional)
  • 15 tacks (optional)