So far every WYLD edible product I’ve tried has been phenomenal with regard to flavour, texture, and effect. This 2 pack of Real Fruit Peach Gummies was spot on with a 5:1, CBD:THC ratio, firm but flexible on the tongue texture, and despite having taste bud issues…the peach still lands a punch. I achieved exactly what I had set my ECS on! Within two hours from consuming this high dose 50 mg CBD (5:1) with 10 mg THC, plus a few tokes on some Alberta premium, I was out for the night. I didn’t have that lasting groggy effect that usually deters me from regularly consuming edibles. Plus the added CBD lent to a fantastic sleep with less lower back pain and stiffness in the morning. I’ve had the pleasure of consuming a variety of flavours during the past couple weeks. Including mixing flavours and experimenting with THC amounts ingested. I purchased this package of edible cannabis at CJ’s Cannabis & Wellness in Minnedosa, Manitoba. They keep a steady supply of WYLD and I plan to purchase a small variety more often for medically beneficial and educational purposes. Catch me live at Respect My Region on YouTube. If you would like more information about, or would like to see your brand/product showcased on #decolonizecannabis email: [email protected] Instagram @fleurysh_ventures_ltd Until next time keep lit and grow some! 19+ Public Cannabis Education Fleurysh Ventures Ltd. CEO Jordan Fleury Freelance Journalist Host #decolonizecannabis Host: RMR Canadian Cannabis Podcast Author & Content Creator at Respect My Region TikTok Snap Spotify Anchor FM Apple Podcasts Breaker FM Castbox Google Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Radio Public Stitcher


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