I decided to make a video about some supposed Dolly Parton CBD gummies or weight loss keto diet pills, which is all a scam. Dolly Parton never, ever, endorsed any CBD gummies or apple cider vinegar (ACV) keto gummies or any similar diet pills or weight loss supplements like them. Scammers are using her image and likeness without her permission. This weight loss scam in September 2022 claimed that Dolly Parton endorsed various CBD gummies or keto gummies or diet pills products, which was false. This was all a big fake celebrity endorsement scam. She and other celebrities who appear in these scams have nothing to do with these keto gummies products. Stay far away from all of this nonsense. It’s unclear how longer scammers have been pretending that Dolly Parton endorsed CBD gummies products or any other weight loss or diet supplements, but it apparently was going around online in September 2022. These fake celebrity endorsement scams have targeted a number of big names for many years, in the past for CBD and keto oil and other gummies products. If you want to know if a celebrity truly did endorse something, I recommend finding a trustworthy source and making sure you are actually on that trustworthy source’s website, and that the scammers didn’t set up a fake news website that looks like Fox News or CNN, but in reality is not on those official news organizations’ websites. I would like to make one thing clear. “Shark Tank,” Ree Drummond aka “The Pioneer Woman,” and Oprah Winfrey never endorsed any keto or CBD gummies products of any kind, ever. These celebrities have nothing to do with these products. If you’ve fallen victim to a CBD or keto gummies scam or fake “review” or bought an Amazon listing that was scammy, please let me know in the comments below. Also, feel free to ask me questions about this scam or any scam. My comments are open. Thank you for watching and feel free to hit “Like” (thumbs up) so that Google knows my video is trustworthy, and so other people, including potential victims of scams, might see what I’ve laid out here.


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