Welcome to my channel, Chaz’s Lifestyle! In todays video, I’m breaking down the step by step recipe for the most popular “Weight loss-detox drink” Ingredients: 1 large cucumber 1 large pineapple 3” ginger 4 cups, pineapple tea *** DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A DOCTOR NOR A PHYSICIAN, DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING STATED IN THIS VIDEO UNLESS CONFIRMED BY YOUR DOCTOR. IF YOU DO, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY HARM OR SICKNESS CAUSED BY THE THINGS I HAVE STATED IN THIS VIDEO! *** Enjoy this video and please don’t forget, like if you enjoyed this video, comment any other topics or recipes you like to see from Chazslifestyle and subscribe if you have not already. Juicing Essentials: 🅲 🅾 🅽 🅽 🅴 🅲 🆃 🆆 🅸 🆃 🅷 🅼 🅴 Personal Instagram: Food Blog: website, services & more: Business Inquiries: [email protected] ** I do not own the rights of this music**


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