(6-7 March) Prosthesis implant course -ESP

How to prevent complications in implant prosthetics and make them disappear from our clinics.

6 and March 7 will make the course «prosthesis on implants» Classroom training Dental Clinic Paniagua.
The course program is as follows:

• Printing system F.R.I. (Print rigid splint implants).
• Description of different systems of older print.
• History and development of patent FRI
• Description of completion of F.R.I. laboratory. (Photos and video).
• Description of completion of F.R.I. in mouth. (Photos and video).
• Study of different cylinders or interfaces. (For Standard pillar Multiunit, UCLA). As well as the different heights.
• Study the route of insertion divergent implants before or disparallelism.
• measured in microns imperfections study settings.
• oversized cylinders. Technique for conducting structures 14 parts PFM, achieving perfect adjustments.
• Making bridges during the course of Zirconium 3 or 4 pieces, seeing the machining process and using CAD-CAM interfaces Bioner.
• Presentation of multiple cases with complications in implant prosthetics.
• Practical workshop on implementation in the laboratory of a FRI per student.
• Conducting a clinical F.R.I. on patient (model).
• This work is done in groups of two. For each couple performed twice each workshop, so that in this way all remain fully understood and assimilated, and so the student can put into practice in your clinic the next day.
• Zirconium structure design with CAD-CAM system and subsequent machining of the structures by milling center. • Study in detail the adjustment and placement of interfaces in milled zirconium structures during the first day of school.
• Doubts and questions.

Information and registration: Ms. Elisabeth González / T. 934 700 360 / egonzalez@bioner.es.



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