Medallion Greens CBD Gummies is a product that is being used alongside scams and fake reviews. I made this video to talk about how you likely do not want to get involved with any of this stuff. Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Dr. Sanjay Gupta never endorsed Medallion Greens CBD Gummies. Do not believe stuff that says they did. In fact, no celebrities ever endorsed this product.I'm making this video on the night of Feb. 13, 2024. This video about Medallion Greens CBD Gummies being surrounded by scams and fake reviews (sponsored content articles) will likely only receive like 50 views ever, which means... will anyone truly be helped by my effort put into this video? I really hope so.At this point, I'm just typing things out in the hope that it satisfies the overlords on this website that decided whether or not my video has enough value to rank highly in search results. Medallion Greens CBD Gummies is simply the latest CBD product to be used with scams and in fake reviews.Here's my advice about Medallion Greens CBD Gummies. If you think you need CBD, talk to your doctor. If you are going to tell me you don't trust doctors or "the medical establishment," that's great. I'm glad you found your calling on Facebook where you've decided you are smarter than medical professionals. What do you do for work again? Ok sorry. I'm trying to make jokes here. Don't mind me.Anyway, Medallion Greens CBD Gummies. Um, let's see. There are some Medallion Greens CBD Gummies scams and fake reviews. Ok. Let's hope that covers it. Key moments: 0:00 Medallion Greens CBD Gummies Scam 1:01 Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Dr. Sanjay Gupta 2:53 Don't Fall for the Scam 3:44 Journal of the American Medical Association 3:57 Celebrities Who Never Endorsed It 4:23 Subscription Scam 4:49 Fake Medallion Greens CBD Gummies Reviews 5:11 Medallion Greens Website 7:08 Customer Service and Support Phone Number and Email Address 8:55 Closing Remarks


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