Dr. Noel Crosby and Dr. Rebekah Perry join the Dr. Darrow Podcast to discuss how CBD can add to the hearing healthcare providers ‘treatment tool belt’ for managing patients with tinnitus. In this episode we discuss: 1. How CBD can relieve stress and anxiety associated with tinnitus 2. The role of CBD in hearing healthcare 3. How to access CBD for your patients at your private practice Dr. Noel Crosby is an audiologist, private practice owner and philanthropist dedicating her life to increasing access to hearing healthcare across the globe. Her passion to raise awareness for hearing loss is reflected in her beautiful on-line jewelry business, Dr. Rebekah Perry is an Exercise Physiologist and a recent graduate of the Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics program at the University of Maryland Pharmacy School. She is passionate about educating and clinically assessing patients recommended or interested in Medical Cannabis. Check out to learn more about all Rebekah is doing!


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