Beware of affiliate marketers and scammers who are pushing a Farmers Garden CBD Gummies "Shark Tank" scam with fake reviews. These affiliate marketers or scammers are using the CBD company's product name without permission to push lies. Such lies pushed by the scam include the idea that actor Kathleen Turner endorsed Farmers Garden CBD Gummies and that the product can "eradicate arthritis permanently." Don't believe such claims. I first saw the Farmers Garden CBD Gummies "Shark Tank" scam in a fake Forbes article that resulted from an ad on an NBC News local affiliate's website. The fake Forbes article claimed that someone named Sam Malone at MIT, supposedly a chemist, had created the product. This was not true. Don't believe the lies pushed by scammers. "Shark Tank" has never endorsed any CBD gummies, including anything called Farmers Garden, nor have they endorsed or invested in keto weight loss gummies, whatever those are supposed to be. I highly recommend that if you want to take a new medicinal product that you speak with your doctor before beginning a new regimen. More info here: In the fake Forbes article that mentioned Farmers Garden CBD Gummies, the headline read, "Acclaimed Actress Kathleen Turner Supports CBD Gummies that Eradicate Arthritis Permanently - The Unanimous Support from 'Shark Tank' Judges." Again, this was fake, false, BS, etc. I hope you found this video helpful. I found a purported Farmers Garden CBD Gummies customer service and support phone number and email address, which I mention in the video. Please tap the like button to help others find it. Thanks for watching. Key moments: 0:00 Farmers Garden CBD Gummies 'Shark Tank' Scam 2:07 "Sam Malone" from MIT 2:42 Only Trust Official Websites 4:06 Kathleen Turner 4:25 Fake Reviews 4:51 Additional Information


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